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Celtic Spa - Music and Nature Sounds for Relaxing Meditation and Yoga (2012) mp3/320 kbps

Genuri: NewAge/Relax/Meditatie

Format: mp3/320 kbps

Marime: 190 MB

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[ Imagine ] 2015-06-20, 14:31
Celtic Spa - Music and Nature Sounds for Relaxing Meditation and Yoga (2012)

1.Meditation Spa - Long a Growing With Gentle Birdsong for Calm and Peaceful Relaxation (04:16)
2.Meditation Spa - Mist Covered Mountains With Quiet Rain Shower for Deep Meditation and Contemplation (05:04)
3.Meditation Spa - Morning Light With Evening Ambience for Emotional Healing and Inner Strength (03:39)
4.Meditation Spa - Nomad's Dance With Tranquil Lapping Waves for Gentle Relaxation and Peaceful Sleep (04:34)
5.Meditation Spa - Petticoats Loose With Forest Birds for Healing Strength and Serenity (03:54)
6.Meditation Spa - Rights of Man With Gentle Rainfall for Inner Balance and Spiritual Awakening (03:06)
7.Meditation Spa - Royal Forester With Calling Birds for Meditation and Deep Sleep (03:38)
8.Meditation Spa - The Cuckoo With Evening Marsh Creatures for Peace of Mind and Deep Relaxation (03:56)
9.Meditation Spa - Snowflakes Dance With Serene Breezes for Quiet Contemplation and Well Being (04:43)
10.Meditation Spa - A Beggin' I Will Go With Small Woodland Birds for Rest and Healing (03:33)
11.Meditation Spa - Autumn Leaves With Babbling Brook for Restful Sleep and Total Relaxation (02:35)
12.Meditation Spa - Calling My Name With Warm Fire Glow for Self Awareness and Inner Peace (03:29)
13.Meditation Spa - Carolans Welcome With Wind Through the Trees for Serenity and Contemplation (03:44)
14.Meditation Spa - Chasing the Sunset With Gentle Nature Sounds for Spiritual Healing and Well Being (03:15)
15.Meditation Spa - Lady of the Lake With Flowing Water for Stress Release and Peace of Mind (04:10)
16.Meditation Spa - Morrisons Jig With Bright Bird Songs for Thoughtfulness and Self Awareness (04:03)
17.Meditation Spa - My Song for You With Forest Birds for Wellness and Stress Release (03:42)
18.Meditation Spa - Roxborough Castle With Mountain Stream for Calm Thoughts and Inner Strength (03:11)
19.Meditation Spa - Skye Boat Song With Approaching Rainstorm for Deep Meditation and Restful Sleep (03:25)
20.Meditation Spa - Torn Apart With Evening Cricket Calls for Deep Relaxation and Spiritual Awareness (03:40)
21.Meditation Spa - When I With Quiet Wet Land Ambience for Healing Strength and Stress Release (03:54)
22.Meditation Spa - Winter Solstice With Gentle Surf for Peace of Mind and Meditation (03:46)

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